These bookmarklets are offline password generators. First inspect the source code to ensure it's doing what you expect and that it's fully offline.

Passphrases, such as Diceware or EFF, aren't provided due to their size as well as the requirement to generate completely offline. The Unicode generators are also not provided.

The JavaScript "window.alert()" function is used to give you the password. You may need to tweak your popup blocking preferences to see the generated password.

Drag and drop any or all links to your bookmark toolbar.

Pseudoword Bookmarklets

Apple Inc. Bubble Babble Korean K-pop Secret Ninja

Random Password Bookmarklets

Base-94 Base-85 Base-64 (+/) Base-64 (-_)
Base-62 Base-58 Base-52 Base-36
Base-32 Base-26 Base-16 Base-10
Base-8 Base-2 Coin Flips DNA Sequences